Your partner in Defi.

Nexus Crypto Services is building an innovative eco-system of dApps and services aimed at empowering the end user.

Our mission

We believe that crypto is a revolution that empowers the individual and is disrupting traditional power structures.

Unfortunately, many people will miss out on the economic opportunity due to lack of knowledge and the tools needed to safely engage with the growing defi eco-system.

Our community driven due diligence, education platform, and trading tools are the foundation of a platform that we hope will live longer than us and drive innovation and wealth creation beyond it’s inception.


Customer centric apps will help make crypto easier to interact with, thus raising the rate of adoption and making the space safer.


The disrupting nature of decentralization is empowering an economic revolution; We hold it as a primary tenet, but not gospel.


Crypto is ever changing landscape that’s hard to keep up with. Having a trusted resource for structured education is invaluable.

Community Driven

Nothing is more important than who you surround yourself with. Our company ethos is driven by a need for a stable and long term community.