Decentralize the way your ideas raise capital

Next generation BSC launchpad

Get early-access to private and pre-sales for safe high-quality projects on Binance Smart Chain, without the need for large sums of capital.

Locked Liquidity

IDO projects will be required to lock a percentage of their liquidity with a trusted third party. KYC checks for projects launching on Astronaut will give them the “low risk” badge and investors the confidence.

Tiered launch

Holders of the native NAUT token get access to IDO pools and the opportunity to get into new projects fairly without bots or whales eating the allocation.

Innovative Token Locks

The Astronaut IDO’s will require new projects to lock a large share of their liquidity and team tokens on our third party partner’s locker platform. We make it easy, safe and secure to lock any BEP-20 based token in seconds protecting investors from ‘rug pulls’.

The Safest Launchpad on BSC

Astronaut enables promising projects to raise capital on the BSC. We make sure investors are safe to invest in early-stage projects through our KYC system and strict due diligence. Only audited, carefully vetted, and analyzed blockchain projects will be chosen.

Astronaut Contract Checks

Our Astronaut developers are experienced in all types of smart contract code. We will check for exploits and vulnerabilities in any smart contracts, such as: Minting, Proxies and Backdoors.