Cryptogram THE Platform

APP – Trading Platform – Launchpad

Cryptogram is a Certik-audited utility token for a slate of applications built and released under the Cryptogram brand. Holders of Cryptogram token will earn reflections from each buy and sell of the token in addition to 60% of the total profits from Cryptogram and all future products released under the Cryptogram brand.

One of the primary goals of Cryptogram is to protect its users and investors. We are very excited about our strategic alliance with CertiK, the most trusted brand in the crypto space which we are sure you will agree further strengthens the validity of the Cryptogram brand and business model.

Here are just a few things to expect in the near future:

Benefits to Cryptogram users:

Cryptogram will work directly with CertiK to implement enhanced trust services directly from within the Cryptogram app, for example: making it easy for users to see which token contracts have been audited by CertiK and filters to show only CertiK audited projects/groups.

Benefits to projects/tokens using Cryptogram:

Due to the immense trust and popularity of CertiK, the barrier for new projects to work with them has been quite high. Cryptogram will play an important part in making high quality security services accessible to a broader range of projects, which positively impacts the crypto space.

Certain security offerings will be available directly from within the Cryptogram app (eg. automated audits such as CertiK Skynet) in addition to the more comprehensive audit services.

These services will drive additional users and revenue to the Cryptogram business, and in turn help to grow the quarterly returns we pay out to our token holders whilst further solidifying our footprint in the crypto ecosystem.