MOBA Madness in the Blockchain

Play more & Earn more

Engage in epic 5v5 strategic warfare in League of Ancients. 5 Heroes fight for Luminous and 5 for the Dark Souls. Your goal? Destroy the opposing teams Beacon of Power. Sounds easy? Maybe… Do you work as a team? Do you use terrain to your advantage? Do you strategically ambush the enemy? Do you gather gold and upgrade your heroes? Your skill, teamwork, wit and determination shall decide whether you return home a hero, or in a box…

$Loa Token

First Free-To-Play, Play-To-Earn NFT Moba Game

The backbone of our economy. Next to gameplay, NFT game tokens are the most important feature of a blockchain game. Token usages determine how the in-game economy will develop, players can achieve a rewarding experience. Through…


Join in on a variety of special events , including tournaments, raffles, gambling and draws, potentially earning far greater rewards

LOA Staking

Use your $LOA tokens to earn more currency! Watch it rise in values as $LOA inevitably conquers the NFT market

In Game Payment

Use $LOA tokens to make in-game purchases, gaining new heroes skins or access to special events


LoA is designed to have a player driven economy,  growth is contingent upon our player base earning, spending and staking $LOA tokens